Should teaching be regulated by the Federal, State or Local government? Why?

I believe that it is appropriate for there to be national standards for education, but I also believe that administrative authority should be local. Those closest to the community and the students being served will be best able to develop strategies for helping students overcome the challenges each may face academically.

Should teaching resources and books be determined by the Federal, State or Local government? Why?

Similarly to the above question, I think it is appropriate for our federal legislators and presidential administrations to work together to establish standards for curriculum, but choosing actual textbooks and materials should be done through local government entities. Textbooks being dictated by state governments has already lead to virtual monopolies in the textbook industry and limits new competitors from entering the market.

Should prayer be limited in school activities? Why?

Prayer is often a silent and invisible action, so I’m not sure it’s truly possible to prevent students or staff from engaging in prayer. I believe public schools are for all of our students, regardless of their faith, and they shouldn’t be discouraged from expressing their faith through prayer as long as it isn’t disruptive to the classroom and learning environment.

Should local communities be able to raise funds without limits for education? Why?

Yes. I believe local communities have a right to fund their students educational experience above and beyond that which state and federal legislators allocate. An important responsibility of the School Board is providing voters opportunities to fund specific programs, infrastructure, and staffing levels that our community supports when state funding to the district is insufficient.

When should prayer be limited in public?

Again, as long as it isn’t disruptive, it shouldn’t be limited. I do however think it’s best if the permits process is followed by large groups to ensure appropriate safety measures are taken by the community as is usually required for large gatherings.

Should schools play a role in discussing Birth Control and/or Abstinence in school? Why?

Yes, information about both should be included in the Sex Ed curriculum. Parents often don’t know how to talk to their students about these issues and kids don’t often feel comfortable asking their parents questions they might have. Many parents depend on the public Sex Ed curriculum to ensure their student has up-to-date information about how to stay safe during puberty. Resources should be age-appropriate, should include information about how to avoid predators, ways to respond to pressure from peers, and how to get additional help.


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