Elect Erin Georgen For Spokane School Board Position 4

Hi, I’m Erin Georgen and I’m running for Spokane School Board Position 4.

Why? I went to Spokane schools and my daughter goes to Spokane schools. I really like the idea of being able to use my own past experiences to give back to my community in a way that has the potential to create an exceptional learning environment for future students too.

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My Vision

I am excited to have the opportunity to improve the curriculum and ensure that students are getting more practical-skill, project-based education, and perhaps even offering flipped classrooms (where pre-made lectures are sent home, and the “homework” is completed in class with the help of the instructor).

Education is a bridge to greater opportunity for many and our public schools have a significant impact on working families.

When it is working well, public schools are an asset to working families, but it can become an obstacle when your child is struggling in the classroom.

As a school board member I will advocate for more resources to be available at more schools across the district, for earlier and more effective help when students are struggling, and for a more project-based curriculum that focuses on developing practical life skills, like: budgeting, civics, building trades, and project planning.

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